7 Penguins (8th place at UK Nats, 6th after Swiss)

leachrode 815

Technically* undefeated at nationals

This went 4-0 on day 1 (along with 3 IDs) then didn't get to come out and play during the cut unfortunately. It beat Noise, Desperado Whizz and 2 Andromedas during the swiss and never really broke a sweat while doing it (aside from the start of one match during round 3 where I mulligan'd into 2 agendas, 3 Ultraviolet Clearances against Andy and just had to pray there was no siphon coming turn 1).

Looking at the runner field that turned up, I'm pretty convinced CI was the single best meta corp on the day and seeing Circadia take 7 penguins all the way to first reinforced that for me. There was very little shaper and the Aumakua Andy builds present tended towards 3 strikes with 0 recursion meaning they struggled to stick more than one in a game before the combo emerged.

There's not a ton more to say that won't be said better in Circadia's writeup and the deck is totally dead come rotation so let's call this a museum piece until someone figures out a new way to efficiently score 7 points turn one that doesn't start with "triple biotic" :)