Ken 2.0

satanthresher 10

Shared for popular - 1-person - demand!

13 Sep 2017 Kiemoe

I was that popular person!

13 Sep 2017 satanthresher


14 Sep 2017 rumirumirumirumi

I'm a big fan of Ken Orcale May decks. How are you managing without Hostage?

14 Sep 2017 Krams

Have you considered Special Order? It can reduce the amount of non-events in your stack for Oracle. Because you wouldn't want her revealing and trashing your breakers since you have no recursion.

14 Sep 2017 satanthresher

@rumirumirumirumi Managed pretty well. Oracle May is not the deck's only way of making money so I don't usually face issues even if I don't get May right away. Of course, getting May only later has an effect on your game plan but I think it can go both ways. If you have 25 cards left and haven't drawn a breaker, you might not want to May before you have your rig up but on the other hand, if you have 25 cards left and have already drawn two breakers you don't have much to worry about.

@Krams I want two copies of each breaker so I can still get a rig - or at least part of a rig - after Apocalypse if needed. Also, with Special Order and one copy of each breaker the chance for trashing a breaker through Oracle May is smaller but the downside is much bigger. With two breakers trashing one copy is generally not a huge deal but if you trash your only copy of one of the breakers you basically need to Levy before Apocalypse. I didn't write anything about the game plan with this deck but I think most games I do end up Apocalypsing.

Probably worth emphasizing is that this deck went through quite a few tweaks in preparation for the rotation. I think it definitely isn't as good as it used to be and it's perfectly possible that I'll be facing problems I haven't yet encountered. I'm between Comet and Gauntlet on the console (used to be Desperado) and already switching to Gauntlet would probably make me change a few things more.

15 Sep 2017 Krams

I wasn't talking about going down to 1 breaker, that would be way too risky... Just adding 1-2 Special Order on top of it to find that third breaker faster.

Maybe I worded it badly... I mean if you fire Special Order then theres 1 less non-event left in your stack so May becomes safer. Not reducing the amount of non-events by leaving them out of the deck.