An Endless Loop (2nd Place @ Iberian Lockdown #3)

Baa Ram Wu 964

This nasty piece of work took me to second place at the Iberian Lockdown #3 Tournament.

Turns out Saraswati + Lockdowns is super fun/gross (depending on which side you are)

Argus Crackdown is great alongside Obo but tricky to fire out of other ID's as you need to already have the Obo sat in a server. This is where Saraswati Shines! Add in a Ben Musashi, Kakugo, Dataloop, nisei counter or bio vault in any combo and you've got a pretty unstealable agenda. (until a film critic shows up - Please note this deck SHOULD have a voter intimidation and a sadaka!)

This was pretty untested having thrown it together just for the event but it won 4 out of 7 of its games which i was very happy with.

I wrote far too Much about my Runner deck (find a link to that deck in the comments) so i'll keep this shorter.

Game 1 Against Null - Dropping a Card to Chisel my R&D ice Null walked straight into a snare on R&D with 2 cards in hand about 6 mins into our game.

Game 2 Against a shaper (cant remember who) Scored out 5 points but left my self too poor to defend R&D properly and despite taking a far amount of domes to the face the Runner scored off R&D multiaccess

Game 3 Against Stealth Jes This Jes was on insight which was more of an issue to deal with as snares etc are easily avoided - however score out to 5 and then double advanced a Fetal AI behind an Argus Crackdown securing me the win

Game 4 Against another Shaper (Kit i Think) My deck just flopped here - having provided me with a kakugo and Data Loop for the Remote in the opening hand it then decided to give me no more ice whatsoever leaving the 3 Argus Crackdowns in my hand looking very sad indeed. Runner wins off R&D

The Cut

Game 5 vs Cpt_Nice Playing Akiko decided to rush out some points early but left myself too poor to defend R&D properly (apparently i don't learn) and RDI's + Akiko's ability lock me out

Game 6 - I Run against Jemison and win

Game 7 Against CptNice THE REMATCH! This time i play a little more defensively and put a Kakugo on R&D early. CptNice has some good tech against me with No One Home and Sports Hopper however after running through the Kakugo on R&D, Drawing up to 4 Cards with Dreamnet he hits the last Snare followed by a Feta AI for the flatline (unable to use No One Home due to Kakugo) - A Cautionary tale about multiaccess if there ever was such a thing.

The Final

Game 8 - I run against Internet and win taking us through to the second game.

Game 9. Against Internet playing Kit. Awesome Kit build from Internet here! really fun to watch it doing its thing - Inversificator making building a remote really hard but at least means no film critic. This came down to a nailbiting finish with me double advance jamming an Obo on a Ben Musahi behind 2 kakugos and a nisei counter (we calculated you would need 9 cards and 2 runs to steal which wasn't an option but Internet pulling the winning agenda off of R&D next turn. A fun game where i never got to fire an Argus Lockdown because they kept ending up in the bin :(

Congratulations to Internet for the win!

And Thanks to Vesper for running such a great Tournament

19 Apr 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Link to my runner deck below:

20 Apr 2020 JHM89714

Nice to see you splash Argus Crackdown! I played Chronos Protocol in this event and decided to slot 1 copy of it as well. Easily could have been 2 copies, it indeed does so much work in combination with Obo. Congrats on finishing 2nd!