i forgot stimhack (4-4 worlds 2018)

tooplard 347

Pretty normal Freedom. The deck I'd been playing through the regionals season depended heavily on Mars for Martians and I was traveling when they announced the ban, so I had one week to learn how to actually play netrunner again.

I went with Freedom over Val because I'd played Freedom more recently and he kinda rolls CTM. I played against zero CTM at worlds.

Isaiah convinced me to play Pol Op. I used it once, to kill an Ash. It was ok. I copied his list but added Stimplants and Freedom Through Equality. Both of them were excellent includes. I accidentally cut both stimhacks, which i seriously regretted. Not sure what I'd cut to make room for the stimhacks. Maybe one of the clone chips? It wasn't as good as I expected. Don't play Trypano, it sucks.

Game 1 vs Matt on Mushin PE: Everything rolled my way. Every time he played Curfew, I topdecked Estrike. Freedom killed two of his mushins and one of his preemptives. Eventually I single accessed my way to 7 points. Psi game record: 2-1

Game 2 vs Keith on 6 agenda Azmari: I got an SSL early, but he iced up and scored 6 points from a big remote. He went for another IAA. I indexed him and saw two NGO fronts (no agendas), dropped Freedom Through Equality, TTW'd to see all 3 in his hand, then ran the remote. It was the third NGO. Later I trashed the rest of my cards to stimplant R&D for 4, and whiffed. I was reduced to clicking for credits with no cards in hand or deck. Finally he got the last echo chamber and won.

Game 3 vs Caleb??: I don't remember this one at all, sorry. Taggy Azmari, I think? And got flooded?

Game 4 vs ?? on SSO: I stole a naked City Works like a fool and ate Mass Commercialization Punitive Punitive. RIP

Game 5 vs Jens Erickson on old-school Sportsmetal: He fed me a couple sleepers and a hyperloop for the sportsmoney, turtled up, and scored 5 points from the remote, then biotic'd a vitruvius for the win. It felt like a blowout, but it was super fun and I wanna jam more games with Jens. He just makes everything fun.

Game 6 vs Sam Suied on Azmari: I don't remember this one much, but I think he was on Lady Liberty Azmari? This was the second game of the 2-for-1. I think I stole 4 points off R&D turn 1.

Game 7 vs Miek on MTI: Second game of 2-for-1 again. I stole the first Obokata, but I couldn't find D4 or Strike and he just slammed agendas out of the remote. I went for single access on R&D and got a TFP. Turns out he was super flooded and that was one of the last two agendas in his deck. Psi game record: 3-1

Game 8 vs Matthew Kushner on Batty/Trojan Horse Skorp: Second game of 2-for-1 yet again, but this time my corp lost. It was really fun, and much closer than the first game. He only had 3 points, but he RFG'd both my MKUltras and D4 was my only way to beat Archer. I ran R&D and we played a Batty psi-game that would have killed my entire rig if it landed, but I won it. Eventually he was down to 4 cards in R&D and I was down to my last run. I dropped FTE, Stimplanted + TTW for 4 accesses, and stole an Atlas for game. Psi-game record: 4-1