Programmspielereien 2 23 @APAC

Dunsch 97

Yea the translation of the Name of this deck dosen't really make sense in other languages (programm playing or sth like that).

This deck didn't work out generally a bit to slow and it was build without this turnament in thought. Can be seen really good by the fact that it dosen't have Clot in it, and that it only won 1 game. It work in 2 other games but didn't won cuz I did mess up (Clot and running the wrong server)

The Way to go with this deck is getting the 2 Rezeki out round 1 or 2. Either over Flameout, Sure Gamble or Overclock. The Money engine for the long run is Aesop's even thoug there are not that mutch cards to pawn. The time between starting and getting Aesop's to run you want to use Spec Work on Harbinger and later Pawning them.

Idears with some of the cards:

Paule's Café: just here to have the space to Install a program mid run when you need it. I never played it and I don't think it is really needed can change it to Clot Harmony AR Therapy: Bad in the early game and brings you back Programs you lost and can't recure and get's your econ back up as it tends to run out relativly fast. Takobi: save money to get throu strong ICE and Pawn later when needed. Ika: Just launch it of Flameout and there is no real scary Sentry running around. And then you can pawn it if you found an other way around the ICE.

Have fun and keep running;)

15 Aug 2021 Dunsch

Edit: I uploded the wrong version the right one is without Paule's Café.