Get Sifty - Worlds 2017 Top 16

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image Sifty

Oh, yeah!
You gotta get Sifty
You gotta get Sifty in here
It's time to get Sifty
Oh, oh
You gotta get Sifty
Oh, yeah!
Take off your sleeves and your playmat
Shit on CI
Time to get Sifty in here
Gotta shit on HQ
I'm Ms. Kaplan
I'm Lady Hayley
Take a shit on CI
Take out your tech and auto-win games

Worlds 2017 was going to be a wild event, with many unknowns. Being a fan of Shaper, and Lady Hayley in particular, having a viable list for her available pushed me into playing her at Worlds. Big shout out to Andre ‘Thearete’ Nilsson for the basic framework of the deck. He played enough in public JNET Comp games that someone scraped it together, and the World Champ wrecked with a version of it. Also, big ups to my teammates that worked hard on it: Leburgan, Aandries, cranked, Webster, dashakan, Mmychal, paranoid, and jake. It really felt like a return to Pitchfork, one of my fave builds of all-time.

Let’s get into it:


The deck is built around Tapwrm as a primary econ source. My testing group decided that in an environ where Corp is stronger, and Runner econ was greatly diminished, Tapwrm would be a great source of money. We tried it in various builds, and it worked really well here. For decks that sit back on single digit credits, Peace in Our Time pushes them out of that comfort zone, while providing a quick burst for us. The singleton power Events provide that Shaper BS power, while also being able to be recurred quickly and easily by The Shadow Net. Stimhack could be a 2 or 3x in the deck, but, influence is already tight. Having one current was decent, as it helped fight Scarcity, and could surprise defensive decks like Aginfusion or Palana.

Let’s get to the titular card. I had a Political Operative and Legwork in a different build of this, but, in the end, went with a huge meta card call. We figured on CI making up a huge amount of the field, up to 30%, and decided that running a card that could just auto-win v. them was great. Most CI would be forced into a 50/50 situation, putting the win in one pile, and nothing in the other. After using Rick & Morty’s “Get Schwifty” song to turn Information Sifting into ‘Get Sifty’, we also called the 50/50 the ‘50/Sifty’. It amused us, and was a great meta call.

We tried a number of restricted cards: Employee Strike, Film Critic, and Clone Chip. In the end, 1 LARLA saved deck slots, and provided the ultimate silver bullet/security blanket/recursion tool in one card. It bought us time, allowing us to set up while the Sacrificial Constructs were being purged out while a Tapwrm was running. Once the tech was exhausted, a LARLA brought us back into the game again.

Mad Dash is a fantastic friend of Indexing. Scavenge allows for some great recursion and BS plays. ‘Nuff said.


Not much to note here. Astrolabe is a great, cheap tool that sometimes provides huge benefits. We had 2 Dedicated Processors at one point, for Inti and Femme, but slots were tight. I was glad we had one v. Aginfusion IT Department, and wished I kept the second. The Feedback Filter was for Kakugo and the likes, and was a great addition that I personally didn’t need, but helped the World Champ greatly.


Hayley decks live and die by their Resources. This build is no different. I would love more copies of a lot of these cards, but decided to trim the fat very hard. This deck has tons of one ofs, so many so that I ended up using every deckslot line provided on the FFG decklist sheet.

Artist Colony and Shadow Net are great tools, and both together, combined with Hayley’s ability, are Shaper BS incarnate. They were so fun I almost forgot at times I am supposed to be winning. Shadow Net may be one of the most slept on cards currently, and importing it and 3 1 INF Fan Sites into any deck can, at the very least, provide a nice econ package just by clicking for 9 credits with a Sure Gamble. Artist Colony, when combined with Hayley and DaVinci, can prove for some absolutely ridiculous plays.

Laguna was a 3 of in Wilfy’s build, and I wish I had that in here. I saw other Hayleys on 3x Professional Contracts, but thought that the Laguna was superior. It allowed for faster setups with Hayley, and doubled as being able to draw up versus damage and Obokata decks very quickly.

The Hunting Grounds and Spoofing were meta calls. The former is far more versatile, having use v. both Yellow and Red decks. The latter was mainly for CI Rewire decks. I didn’t see those, but there were two in the top four of Worlds, so it appeared to be a good call.
The 3x SacCons were a must, not only for the Wrms and Clot, but for general program destruction in general. Many were Best Defense’d over the tournament.


This is where some questionable calls were made. We dropped the Na’non’tek for an Atman, which we needed for Mythic-only ICE decks. Having Femme as your only Killer felt fine, as we didn’t expect a ton of high strength Sentries. In the end, I would like to have 2 Femmes in the deck. Femme Fatale’s stock is at a near all-time high, and having Scavenge amplifies her power, having straight helped me beat Aginfusion IT Dept.
Going into Worlds, I saw people laughing loudly in Slack #general about Inti being garbo. I laughed to myself, wondering what they would think of it as my only Fractar. It is weak, but does hold strength, and is fantastic when paired with Dedicated Processor. I tried Lady, but felt it was burned up very quickly in this meta, and didn’t want to have to Scavenge it back. Gordian Blade was sick as always.
Having only 2 Self-Modifying Code felt fine with AC and Laguna. The Clot was an auto include. The DaVinci was a last-minute addition, and was another Shaper BS classic. Even at zero counters, one could use it to drop an SMC or SacCon from hand during a fast advance combo, the latter ducking an early Best Defense. I have used it to drop DedProc mid-run, as well. Also, in Hayley, you can use it to drop the cheaper of the two cards, like SMC, and hard paying for something larger, like a Femme, mid-run. Great tool.


The deck performed better than expected, and was really fun, as well. It defeated Titan, PE, CI Sandburg, Aginfusion ITD, and Gagarin, drawing with CI Reversed Accounts on time. It lost to Wilfy’s CI in the cut because I got laser-focused on Indexing, and should have been setting up the Sifty. I failed the Sifty, and lost as a result. Even if you whiff on a Sifty v. CI, just keep coming back with Shadow Net if you feel the win is in hand. Winning on a 50/Sifty feels good, and happened once at Worlds for me, and sniped agendas two other times. Too fun of a card not to run.

6 Nov 2017 sirris

I love you

6 Nov 2017 leburgan

This deck was great. Ran well for me as well. Really the tech cards are super flex, and almost anything can be subbed for them. I almost wanted one sports hopper, but try what works in your meta.

6 Nov 2017 leburgan

Also don't sleep on the DaVinci. If you have SMC on board and DaVinci/Clot + SacCon in hand you can get clot sacccon out in the middle of the Corp turn. Its the most shaper bullshit card ever printed.

6 Nov 2017 Orbital Tangent

Shaper BS incarnate. This deck is spicy, and my new favoritest thing. Hail @spags!

6 Nov 2017 SSniper050

Be out of the 'verse awhile but PRAISE LADY HAYLEY!

6 Nov 2017 spags

FWIW, I jammed all 3 season of Rick & Morty, which I never saw before, in the two weeks before Worlds. Hence, the deck name ref.


@leburganagreed. Great build. Nice job with it.

@Orbital TangentCheers! All shouts to Thearete for the core build. Feel free to swap tech cards as desired.


6 Nov 2017 presheaf

I've been missing Pitchfork! Thanks for saving the meta for me.

6 Nov 2017 SSniper050

@spagsSo many amazing full bleeds :D

7 Nov 2017 neuropantser

Updooted for 50/Sifty