[UK Nats 2018] The Borg Visit Birmingham (90th)

FragSpider 87

So, being the maniac I am I decided to take my favourite identity to the UK Nationals in Birmingham; and here is the deck I pilotted on the day. (I can also state I am the highest ranking National Apex player as a badge of quasi-honour! :P)

Much like the cybernetic horrors mentioned in its deck name; the goal of this deck is to errode and wear down the Corporations defences until the point they can no longer adequately defend themselves. Apocalypse as much as possible (if the match up is a preferential one), and use Reboot & Assimilator to rebuild your board state. The Shadow Net is there to keep the pressure on, and there is no shame in eating an agenda to gain 9 credits or initiate yet another Apoc.

A bit of an odd breaker suite, but effective; Laamb provides a good counter to many of the non-ETR barriers in the game and acts as a pseudo-AI, Cyber-Cypher when assimilated practically denies the ever popular Fairchild 3.0 (breaking that for 2 credits and 2 facedown cards / 1 harbinger), and Na'Not'K is handy against deep Surveyor glaciers. Endless Hunger is mainly there for post-Apoc emergencies, or against rush-FA decks, such as Sportsmetal.

The only real issue I encountered was the prevelance of Hard Hitting News - High Profile Target, which the deck was not particularly spec'd well against.

In hindsight, I would likely of swapped the Rachel Beckmans out for a Utopia Shard & Hades Shard, in the hopes I could use Utopia to trash the HHN or HPT from thier hand, and the Hades for assistance in retrieving Apoc'd agendas. Furthermore; they are both viable Reboot/Assimilator fuel.

Had lots of fun on the day, and I would like to thank all my opponents for some memorable games! :)

29 Aug 2018 Uruz

29 Aug 2018 FragSpider

@Uruz Thankyou! :)