Keyhole Andy Rides Again (5th overall in NISEI Eternal)

Shishu 655

Keyhole is easily one of my favorite runner cards. Andromeda is the best runner in Eternal. So?

Keyhole Andy.

I actually won my first GNK back in....2013??? 2014??? I don't know. But I won on SoS and I did it with Keyhole Andy. This deck is just my own mix of the Good Cards plus Hades to fight Jackson (which did matter in one swiss game!).

Others had 3 Moose and 3 Aaron, but....ehhh....I needed other things. Like the Hades Shard (which you SHOULD NOT cut because it's huge in Keyhole decks). I'm pretty satisfied with how it did, especially considering I barely got to use Keyhole, but so it goes.

Shout out to @groenkaaf and @skry for helping with testing and shoutout to Nisei for holding such an awesome tournament despite the rough start.

Make 'em shuffle.