Watch this 2.1 - Boston CO 2023

Chaostheorie7 41

I am quite proud of this deck - although it is a fairly obvious build in many ways, it is my first mostly homebrew deck that worked well enough for me to take to a tournament. I have now played this at two events; one where it won all of its games, and the CO where I went 2-2 with it, losing to one of the popular Hoshiko decks and to Êsa.

Now, you may wonder why I am not using all the influence: The (silly) reason for this is that the Mavirus was actually an Anoetic Void when I made the deck here on NRDB, but either by mistake or because I really wanted some anti-virus tech I always played with Mavirus instead in the physical version, without noticing that I could spend some extra influcence.

I honestly think the Mavirus is a necessary inclusion, whereas the deck doesn't usually have enough cards in hand to want to do Anoetic.

It would be possible to run 3x Global Foods instead of 2 Ikawahs, but I have actually had good experiences with their protective ability, so do not want to make this change. I do not yet know where I will spend the extra influence in the next version of this deck.

22 May 2023 Baa Ram Wu

3rd border control is the 'boring but likely correct' answer! (re. influence)

22 May 2023 Chaostheorie7

Thabk you! I think that's right!

22 Jul 2023 mezzie

Is there any room for magnet? theres a decent amount of botulus going around