Digital Tinker (v1.4)

Ajar 1624

Slight tweak for tonight's small tournament - 3x Indexing, 1x Escher, 1x Tinkering, 2x Same Old Thing. It served me well, as I went 3-0 (6-0 overall) and won the tournament. I'm now 9-2 in tournament play with various versions of this deck.

30 Mar 2014 metr0

I like this deck a lot, but it feels short on memory. How do you deal with the inability to deploy the entire rig?

30 Mar 2014 Ajar

I only install what I need in a given game. I routinely go multiple games without installing any specific program apart from SMC, and I almost never need to go above 5 MU of stuff installed. Since I draw so much of my stack in any given game, it's rare for me to need an Akamatsu without already having it.