Good Stuff Val (Black Lives Matter - 5th in Swiss)

Manticore 125

I played this Val deck to 5th after Swiss in the Black Lives Matter tournament this past weekend, and then dropped out because I hadn't planned on doing that well and had other stuff to do that day. As it turned out that allowed rongydoge to get into the cut from 9th place and go on to win the whole event, so that's neat! It went 4-1 (ID round 6), losing to an Asa combo deck.

I put it together pretty quickly and never tested anything different, so I won't particularly try to justify the omissions of Mining Accident or Dirty Laundry except to say that I didn't want to have too many events I wouldn't be willing to play as soon as I draw them, the exceptions being Career Fair because you have so many targets and Stimhack because it's really good.

Shoutout to @omnijeff for telling me to play Rezeki instead of Deuces Wild, which singlehandedly made the deck good.

2 Jul 2020 NtscapeNavigator

Rongydodge owes you a drink for letting them sneak into the cut :).

That's a lot of events for peddler, how often did you find it deadens? Also TWO hunting grounds is pretty unusual to see.

18 Jul 2020 aunthemod

Did you consider slotting Wanton Destruction at all?