Rushy ASA [5-1, 1st Place San Antonio SC, 14 Players]

DoomRat 1731

This is my first place deck from the San Antonio store championship. It went 5-1 on the day, beating Adam, Valencia (twice), 419 (twice) and losing to 419 once.

For this build, we play the deck in two phases. Phase one: rush like your out of damned mind. Install CST, ASA trigger Ice, Hedge Fund, advance is a common opening. Do this until the runner makes you stop. With any luck you'll have at least 4 points by then (sometimes you do win in this phase, but don't count on it). Phase two is a trick, of which you have two good ones:

  1. BC squeeze play: When you setting up the remote, if you can keep a border control or two face down with an Ash in the remote, you can get a turn where the runner has to run through a FC3 4 times or lose. If you go for this, make sure you can stick it though. If you trash border controls and pay into ash and you don't win, your done.

  2. Surprise Fast Food: This deck doesn't really look like its going to win on Biotic. Frequently a no advance food from four points will go unchallenged, and you can double biotic out, or if you have vitruvius token, you can even go for triple biotic. The deck has enough money and cheap enough ice that you can frequently afford this.

That's pretty much all I have to say about this deck. Thanks to @Shazzner for getting the SC kit and the San Antonio Dragon's Lair for letting us use space in the store.