Looking for Pet - 1st at Hockley Regional

Nemamiah 3641

If this deck looks familiar, it's because it's exactly the same as the deck I played at the last Regional I went to (Tough Times Whizz) except I cut the three worst cards for Bloo Moose.

In the run up we'd tried Sifr Whizz, in the belief that Moose gave you enough econ back to compensate for the influence hit, but found that deck to be too slow to beat Moons while having a great matchup against most other stuff. Punting against the best deck in the format seems like a bad idea, so I switched back to Desperado Whizz instead.

Still no Plascrete, because I still hate that card.

The Corp deck that I played is here

30 Jul 2017 clercqie

Without the Plascrete, how do you estimate your chances in the SYNC matchup? Or is that deck less prevalent in the UK?

30 Jul 2017 Nemamiah

It's pretty naff, but I don't really believe that a single Plascrete makes that matchup anywhere near good. Sync has largely disappeared from the UK anyway.

30 Jul 2017 Tolaasin

Did you face much Aginfusion? I really struggled with the non-Bloose version, with fixed breakers, having to take damage to get even one data sucker counter was a big deal.

31 Jul 2017 Nemamiah

I faced precisely zero. Top strats.

It's not an ideal matchup by any means; you have to be very careful about when you take damage, and especially where you use Parasites. You have three Strike and can eventually blank a lot of their ice though, so it's not unwinnable.