Tag+ v1.2 (11th, 3-0 at Startup Early Bird)

chaosof99 74

I basically cribbed this decklist from gjkf and modified the influence that they had left over to my liking. Added another Beale instead of an Orbital to make better use of Biotic and SanSan, added a Subsidy for money, a Skunkworks to keep the runner from stealing things and switched a Wraparound for a Ping that seems strictly better for this deck's purposes.

This deck just eats through the runner's credit pool by throwing tags at them whenever possible and playing other taxing ice and drags them into the remote with Nico Campaigns, Spin Doctors and Upgrades. Eventually the runner will have to go Tag-Me, by which point they might either get locked out through Retribution, or you can score out with Psychographics. You just need to hide the agendas otherwise and fast advance some 3/2s.

Despite a somewhat middling result in testing (7-4, though with some tweaking in between), the Deck went 3-0 in the tournament, but a lackluster performance by my runner deck and a terrible SoS meant I only finished 11th.

First game I had a bad hand after a terrible mulligan, but I fed my opponent, who was running Steve, a bunch of trashables to deplete their credit pool. They were forced to go tag me, and I was able trash their Corroder to lock them out and I managed to score out a Bellona in the extra turn that gave me the win on timed points 5-4.

Second game with the deck I put the money squeeze on Hoshiko and trashed an early Stargate after a Public Trail into Retribution, but the second Stargate still threatened the win. I managed to ice up R&D, and keep a Spin Doctor available in my unoccupied scoring remote to prevent any shenanigans while I dug for a Bellona. I found it in time in time and with a taxed out runner I was able to score out, though also in the extra turn.

Third game I had a good remote but my Zahya playing opponent could still single-access R&D through a Funhouse, and win with a Bellona. I had a tough time finding additional Ice but at least that ate a lot of credits as they wisely shoke the tags they got. After I reinforced R&D I could then score out against a penniless runner.

I had a lot of fun in this tournament despite the trouble with my runner deck, and met a lot of nice players. Thanks go to Ysengrin for organizing.