Panic Padma (3rd at Delaware CO)

DeeR 1431

Deborah: Declan! There’s a big Netrunner tournament, and I don’t know what to bring!

Declan: Yeah, I thought I was good at Netrunner, but there are just so many corp win conditions. It’d be a lot easier to disrupt the corp’s plans if they didn’t have so gosh darn many of them.

DeeR: chuckles

Declan: Who is that?

Deborah: Hark, Specter!

DeeR: What you need is Panic Padma!

Deborah: Panic Padma?

DeeR: Yep, Panic Padma! The newest runner from Silver Bullet LLC! No corporation will be able to put one over on you with all the Hot Tech you’re running.

Declan: Okay, surely your deck can’t beat Fast advance sportsmetal

DeeR: Play that clot turn 1 to slow those losers down, get the simulchip to recur it, and show those nerds who really has Mettle!

Deborah: But a lot of players run that gun boat!

DeeR: Stoneship Chart Room! Get it up, and after they advance Ivan 4 times, oops! Too big to Boom!

Deborah: CtM surely wouldn’t take kindly to this deck.

DeeR: Triple Rezeki and a Citadel would like a word!

Declan: Oh, but my friend Derek is running PE

DeeR: Oops, it’s DJ Steve!

Deborah: Ikawah Project?

DeeR: Sorry, I meant DJ Sable!

Declan: Okay, but what if I draw the wrong tech?

DeeR: Pardon?

Declan: What if I draw Clot against Glacier Azmari? Or Citadel against Sportmetal? Your deck doesn’t have that much draw and is pretty poor if you want to install that boat. You don’t even have SMC! Are you just expecting us to draw the right cards to win each game?

DeeR: Scornfully Sneers Didn’t you say you were good at Netrunner?

Panic Padma! “Jack of All Trades, Master of Fun!”

31 Jul 2022 Baa Ram Wu

10/10 for the write up!