Eurorack Maxx Remix - 4th Edinburgh Regionals (1st in Swiss)

Terje 399

Having learnt my lesson at York Regional where Adam lured me back into his apparently safe arms only to win only 1 runner game the whole day, I swore off the best bioroid boi yet again (let's see how long it lasts this time) and decided to focus on Maxx for the rest of my regional season.

This deck was inspired by @skry's Eurorack Maxx ( which I attempted to take down to 46 cards and ended up making some bigger changes to, which included dropping Patchwork and and adding the best and most fun console currently in the game, Turntable.

I played a 47 card version of the deck (minus Legwork, plus 1 TTW and 1 Aumakua) at the Lanark Regional pre the latest MWL, where I narrowly missed out on the cut in a field filled to the brim with Gagarin.

At Edinburgh Regionals I won against Argus and Builder of Nations in the first 2 rounds and in a shocking twist I then ID'd into the cut, failing to live up to my reputation for ID'ing to avoid the cut. In my 1 runner game in the cut I lost in a close game against Argus due to some misplays after being in a pretty good position.

There isn't too much to say about the card choices. I ditched 1 Turtle and 1 TTW to fit in a Legwork and get down to 46 cards with space for Citadel, this was mainly due to expecting a fair amount of Argus on the day. I also dropped the Ice Carver from Skrys original list for another D4vid to lean into Hippo + D4vid a bit more, the change seems to have served me well, but I am not 100% sure it is the right choice. Also, Stargate is real good gang.

All in all it is probably not the best deck for the current meta, but it has decent matchups across the board, is quite active and a lot of fun to pilot imo, which is more important to me.