Engolo Leela - 2nd Intercontinentals

RotomAppliance 2500

This is the Leela deck I took to 2nd place at the Intercontinental event yesterday. Since Leela went undefeated at Euros, I didn't change much, but the night before I did switch out Beth for an extra Diesel and a Stimhack. Beth felt worse than having a second Rezeki, but the MU rig doesn't easily allow for that, so I decided to improve other aspects of the deck. I think the change helped me.

I didn't drop a game until losing a very close one to qvm's Aginfusion in the final, prior to that I beat 3 ASA and 1 CTM. Based on that, I would have to say Miss Bones was the best card in the deck.

Thanks to everyone involved in making 4 weeks of tournament / streaming work so well!

10 Aug 2020 Cliquil

Assuming you were willing to drop the Caldera, what would you put in its place? A third Miss Bones?

15 Aug 2020 RotomAppliance

Hello Guy! I assume you'd like nothing better than to see Caldera disappear =p For this tournament, I think the third Miss Bones would be a fine choice, to hit the popular ASA decks even more while not being completely dead against Gamenet and Jinteki Glacier. The second Inside job would also be a legit choice.