Asgar couldnt talk me out of direct acess 5th RegionalBerlin

lazychef13 414

This is basically Peter Dinyas Euros list with two minor changes to tech against glacier. I added an Hernando Cortez for a blueberry and against Aginfusion(which i expected more than one) a single direct acess, cutting a laundry. With no way to break excalibur and bounces to other servers beeing pretty taxing i thought i pack this surprise. Which could also serve well against Acme or Argus but i didn't face any.

The Deck felt great and you all would probably gone undefeated with it but i made the stupidest of mistakes in round 1.

Round 1: Loss against @odol Aginfusion

i had the game under controlpretty much all the time despite loosing bukhgalter on an early tithonium just to run in a 5dmg cortex lock next turn. i see an obokata in hand twice but couldn't loose my second copys of my breakers. Then we are both on gamepoint with two ssl ticking for him. he install advances advances a card which would definitely be the obokata. So i diversion into hq, getting him down to 0 credits. No way his remote batty is doing anything now and then i direct acess the remote. He looks very surprised and i feel pretty cool. up until the moment, that i realise i just played two cards leaving me with only 3 in hand. While i could have drawn for click 3 or not play direct acess, cause i could have gone in twice appaerently anyway. he drips for six and scores out.

Round 2: win against @Bl4nk3t Sportmetal glacier

getting a fast setup and an early hernando secured me enough easy accesses on centrals to hit agendas and bounce advanced stuff. A couple of DoFs and secured me an easy win against a flooded opponent

Round 3 win against DL7RRK cybernetics

i doofed turn one and corporate grant plus amina kept him low on credits all the time so i could trash all his snares, overwriters and other silly trap stuff out of r&d while getting too much ttw countersa couple of digs secured me the win eventually.

Round 4 win against @Smieszny Titan

he scores an early atlas which got me the opportunity to bounce hq ice and start doofing. Then the game took over half of an hour still, with him clicking for three and me loosing him three for about 7 turns straigth. I even overinstalled corroders and bikhgalters just to leverage corporate grant on the turns the crowdfundings were still ticking. unfortunatelly i bottomed my secinbd amina. Would have looved to install both to drain even more. eventually i somehow find the 5 th agenda in hq where i missed it the whole game.

All in all Leela felt pretty strong here and i would definitely bring her again. unfortunatelly my first round mistake took me to the bottom tables where my sos was taking huge cuts so the top 4 just ID in the last round leaving me on 18 points just as the top 4 living my bubbleboylife. I would have loved to see how the argus matchups would have gone.

Anyway it was a great tournament with an amazing organiser and a deserved Champ Saan