Spicy Chicago Meatball (1st/undefeated at two store champs)

LSK 4637

Created by @tstack and tweaked by me. Took a slightly different list to 1st at Games Universe in Franklin, WI (~20 players) and this list to a split in the finals of Pastimes in Niles, IL (22 players). It won matches against Smoke, Geist, Andromeda, and Whizzard.

A lot of what makes this deck potent is its surprise factor. People didn't know what ice I was on, what my kill plan was, and what my tech cards were.

But it's also brutal, and able to kill extremely quickly. Unlike most Bio-Ethics deck, you don't really need to focus on depleting the runner's hand - your goal is to exhaust their deck. As such, there's no Neural EMP, or other one-shot damage in this deck; every net damage card presents the opportunity to do multiple damage and whittle down a runner's stack. This deck also makes the unusual choice of playing Mental Health Clinic in a kill deck. You're fine with this, of course, because you don't care about the runner's cards in hand.

Voter Intimidation is for Slums, by the way.

I'm not sure what else there is to say about this! it's just a really powerful list, and shows just why Potential Unleashed is capped at 12 influence.

29 Jan 2017 mate

dope I love playing against prison decks

29 Jan 2017 brightknight_216

I think voter intimidation is also now for Aaron, Net Mercur, Beth Kirlain and Film Critic.

30 Jan 2017 Pegaz

Didn't you think about Harvester? it seems perfect for this kind of deck.

30 Jan 2017 LSK

We did, but this deck really doesn't need more 3 strength code gates

30 Jan 2017 IonFox

For those who are uneducated scrubs (like me), how would one go about playing this list?

30 Jan 2017 skydivingninja

No Ark Lockdown for the Levy/Breaker/Parasite snipe?

2 Feb 2017 tstack

Get/ice hostiles, ice centrals, get money, get net dmg stuff out(unless they have slums). All of these are important and the order depends on your hand, hostiles are probably the most important. Put bioethics and hokusai together, Hostile and breaker bay together, try to sneak out house of knives. Get rid of slums and estrike ASAP. Use FIHP to get back anything good they trash(bio-ethics/hostile/hokusai) Use jackson mainly for FIHP.

2 Feb 2017 tstack

@skydivingninja it could be good, but its not really needed. Levy is the only annoying one, hostiles are your parasite answer. With the amount of cards you put in the bin, you often just mill problem cards, you also have tools to kill SOT. If it wasnt influence it would probably be in there. Temples are usually more helpful for the influence.

5 Feb 2017 FightingWalloon

Beat a deck like this one recently. Key was to kill the BEA and Hostiles and get controlled accesses on HQ and R&D at key moments in the game. Since it does not run Snare!, you do not have to be so afraid of digs on R&D. Get lots of money. If you don't know what to do, get more money. I was playing a deck without Levy or any real net damage defense or Employee Strike. Any or all of those make the game much easier. Remember, this deck cannot score 7 points without advancing agendas on the table at some point. With only 8 ice, it cannot create a scoring remote. It is also extremely poor. Force it to rez stuff. Its primary and virtually only way to win is to mill you out. It does that well, but it can be beaten.

7 Feb 2017 jdietz43

This deck was a lot of fun, and also fun to hear it was played at my local game shop!

24 Feb 2017 DEFCON Clown

This is my favorite corp deck I've played in the last year. Thank you for it!