Queen Midas (Worlds 2023)

aureates 24

Barcelona was an absolute blast, and I had a wonderful time overall. Many thanks to all of the NSG volunteers who made World's 2023 not only a reality, but an excellent party. I'd met so many cool people at World's who previously were only names online, and if you're thinking about going to World's 2024 I strongly encourage you to do so!

Touch cards, make money. Not too much to say about the deck here, the basic shell was given to me by Ian (@rongydoge) who wasn't sure how strong it was into the meta, but after a few games I found I loved the playstyle. I made a few changes that made it worse, brought a different version of it to CoS, performed poorly, and continued to make last minute changes after some advice from @kikai. This version of the list has too much draw, and after seeing how other Crims performed at World's I'd like to try it with a different breaker suite. Got World's best Zahya though!

I'd like to thank everyone who took time out of their nights to jam games and practice with me (too many to name in full), and a special shout out to my CoS teammates @jaypumpkin and @groundhog who let me play Standard to get some last minute practice in and for letting me test further changes with them when they could have been sleeping off jet lag, haha. Extra special shoutout to @rongydoge for giving me the original list, love me bands. Looking forward to World's 2024!

23 Oct 2023 ChiptheRipper

Great to see a Zahya at Worlds! Always gotta fake the DooF 😉

22 Mar 2024 bekeanloinse56

Acknowledging the support and practice sessions with friends and teammates highlights the collaborative infinite craft unblocked spirit within the community. Special thanks to @jaypumpkin and @groundhog for their assistance and understanding during the intense preparation phase.