Malia CtM - 6th place out of 52 (GLC SC - 4-1)

Havvy 304

Inspired by the Worlds CtM deck that used Malia. This deck ran very smoothly for most the matchups. This decklist felt very unrefined and probably tried to do too much. The agenda suite feels good, but given how many agendas there are, Team Sponsorship makes more sense than Malia.

2 Jan 2021 Jinsei

Cool! Aren't you worried about Miss Bones if you want to swap out Malia?

2 Jan 2021 Havvy

I don't think I would be, Team Sponsorship generates its own value and potentially recurring trashed bits. Miss Bones still feels like an issue, but the current meta seems to be errring less on Criminals. It is also be interesting to see if Criminal are still slotting Miss Bones too. I did see one in the tournament, but out of Anarch! Needless to say, it got Malia'ed!

4 Jan 2021 Raiddinn

No reason to be scared of Something you shut off easily.