Pinsel 2567


an updated version of this list for worlds can be found here

This is the version of Reavershop Wu that i (and NWE?) would play at worlds. It is heavily teched for drago and incredibly rich.

Why Reavershop

Aesop is an incredible fast and efficient econ engine to replace for "drip". Reaver gets you into the deck quickly and for the problematic matchups, your solution can be tutored for added consistency. we have also get 11 burst econ events to contest early and spec work does double duty to get around wus drawback. The triple boat is easily affordable with so much fast econ.

The tech card and toolbox are the most important thing: NFL serves as drago protection and is also incredible burst econ in conjuction with reaver in normal deck. 3c, 1 card is so good, that even in nontag matchups, NFL is simply a strong econ card. The breaker suite is incredibly cheap but efficient enough to get through ICE without going broke. It also makes the boat so good and important, because it plugs the holes of the cheap rig, which in turn supports your boat. propeller + cleaver covers a lot of angles on barriers and selling and similchipping euler allows you to get past big codegates cheaply. Takobi makes your rig even more efficient if you have to break a lot of ICE.

The programm toolbox/Tech cards

  • Reaver: Usually 1-2 draws per turn, this makes the deck incredibly fast
  • Misdirection: HHN tech
  • Paricia: CtM/Ob tech. Very strong with reaver
  • Takobi: Glaciery/Prison tech. This gets triggered by boat and allows your cheap breakers to stay cheap when the corp managed to rez some ice. it also complements cleaver propeller well in those matchups. A refreshed euler cruises through remotes with that and sentrys get broken by boat anyway
  • Stargate: There is no clot for sports, but the deck is fast and rich enough that you can slam stargate early for that matchup

Otherwise it is boats, breakers, money, draw and stargate to pummel the corp into submission by having too much stuff.

If you want pinhole, you can cut a NFL or Harbinger. 2 pinholes are too many though, since this deck draws like crazy (3 diesel, specworks and early reaver). Additional considerations are the last SMC, and playing gauss to get a clot

Corps to beat

This is a brief (non-exhaustive) list of archetypes to beat.

  • Sportsmetal: Lots of 3/2 and audacity + biotic. You need to get fast and get high value accesses. Stargate is perfect for that

  • PD/Asa: Reg Rush/Glacier. Requires fast money, efficient breakers and something to deal with skunk/void.

  • NBN: Comes in various flavours, asset spam or glacier and inbetween. Either way, you have to beat the drago somehow (which is why we have 3 NFL)

  • Ob: Comes in various flavours, but you are good if you can beat horizontal decks and rush/glacier decks.

This deck adresses all of these corps by having a strong econ engine, have NFL for drago specifically and Wu to tutor the 1-2 specific tech cards that you require based on how horizontal (parica), vertical (takobi) or fast/rushy/leaky (stargate, Wu breaker fetches) the corp deck is.

30 Sep 2022 TugtetguT

(No)WE Wu'ldn't :D

30 Sep 2022 Ra1dy

What’s NWE!?

3 Oct 2022 wiriamu

Thank you!

4 Oct 2022 percomis

@Ra1dynot much, what's nwe with you? :D

In the meantime this list has grown to 54 cards, then shrunk to 49 and has the following changes: -3 Diesel, -1 Mad Dash, -1 Cleaver, -1 Stargate, -1 Euler, +1 Overclock, +2 Deep Dive, +1 Clot, +1 Tapwrm, +1 Hyperbaric, +1 SMC, +1 DJ Fenris, +3 Stoneship Chart Room.

It uh... was a process of getting there :D

5 Oct 2022 erika

@percomisI'm trying to learn how to play this deck and am really curious about the reasoning behind these changes. What circumstances would make Stargate + Dash better than dive? With just Propeller, aren't you worried about running out of Fracter?

5 Oct 2022 percomis
  • I think the idea was to free up inf for Tapwrm and in our view, Deep Dive and Stargate are both wincons, so somewhat interchangeable.
  • Takobi and Boat together make sure that you shouldn't have issues with breaking barriers. We are looking at Gauss at the moment for having 1 more str, so breaking Border Control without boosting and every other currently relevant barrier with a single use of Takobi.