4019 - Tap Tap Trace - 3rd @ Omaha Regional

ElderMason 1237

Pretty sure this is what the list was. Yes I played 47 cards. I stayed up until 7 am deciding what to play and i thought it was a good idea. Wish I had played 1 fewer Rogue Trading. Probably would have stayed at 46. Not posting the Argus deck as it was just a netdeck of lobstermodern with HPT and Rasheeda, real boring stuff.

R1 vs Adam (Tundinator): Tund is a good dude. He was trying out Mti with Political Dealing/Jeeves/Rashida spam that was all protected by his ability. I was lucky enough to draw into Employee Strike into DooF while HQ was unprotected.

R2 vs Isaiah (Puffin Zero): Isaiah and I have played more consistently than I've played any other player in Netrunner Regionals. Always nervous to see him across from the table. He was on Argus and once again Employee Strike helped a ton. At some point in the early game I got careless because I had so much set up that I forgot that Economic Warfare existed (despite being in my Argus list), got tagged, couldn't drop them with Citadel and I thought for sure that I would lose. Ultimately, I got really lucky and snagged a game that I probably shouldn't have.

R3 vs Dan (Giesch): Dan recently moved to KC and has really been the only other long term player who is trying to keep the community going and thriving (he's also a code contributor to Jinteki.net, a real netrunner hero). He was on Asa with Remote Enforcement. I hadn't played against it but I definitely had been spying on him on Jinteki. The game was really close but it came down to a final turn where I ran archives to get another Aumakua counter (it was at 2) when I hit architect and he jammed his 1 of vitruvius into the remote that was 4 ice deep. Unfortunately, he miscalced that I could get past the ice tower and the power taps and link would best ash. Glad he made the trip up to Omaha with the KC crew.


R4 vs Peter (tooplark): ID. My friend Gabe (Sintor) gave me some flak for this (jokingly, i think...) but my excuse is that I stayed up til 7 and got 3 hours of sleep and hadn't eaten all day and by this point its like 5 pm. I wanted the long rest and some food. Peter and I went to Korean Grill next door (shout out to that place, if you ever go to a Game Shoppe tourney in Omaha, go there). Jamie (samoht) reassured me that I made the right call.


R1 vs Peter: I picked Argus vs his tag me Khumalo, he got a bomb open with WPN, Paparazzi, and Dummy box. Kill was offline, couldn't rush fast enough, whoops.

R2 vs Lukas (Lukifer): Real good dude. Was played NEXT Design like a freakin champ, I won this game on insane luck. He built a mega remote that was near impossible for me to get through but could not draw an agenda to save his life. I held down an R&D lock and stole all them agendas.

R3 vs Isaiah I run, he installs a naked prisec baiting me into economic, hhn. I don't take no bait. He IAA a card on that I prisec, I don't take no bait. Turns out that becomes a double token atlas. He rushes out and crushes me. Every Nexus deck's worst nightmare.

LWL 3rd place.

No one is gonna read this far but I love documenting my experiences of playing netrunner because I always have a ton of fun and I think about all the awesome people and places. Shout out to Game Shoppe in Omaha, Colorado crew for streaming and bringing alt arts, literally everybody who showed up (last years Nebraska regional saw 9 people :/ it had 20 this year! ), and my travel crew, Gabe, Jamie, and Dan. I didn't bring my collection and didn't want to play the Leela and Gagarin that I had brought, so I borrowed their collections to build these decks (actually Jamie had already built the 419 I just tweaked it). They put up with me in a car for 6 hours, a great team to have on my side.

PAD Tap is nuts. Fit it into every deck.