Very Nice, Not Degenerate Mti, 2nd Place/6-0 NYC SC

Kysra 162

This is a very nice, and not degenerate Mti list. It went 6-0 at a SC in NYC. Seems solid against a variety of runner types, and contains generally good stuff Mti cards. The game plan is to create a remote that the runner will have to run through too many times, using Border Control, Sandstorm, Code Replicator, and Batty.

I got this list from skry, who played a very similar list at the SC. The one change I made was to play 2x Code Rep, instead of 2x Mumbad City Grid.

In swiss, I played against: Redino987/Teo on Nexus 419, Shishu/Allison on Combo MaxX, James on Patchwork MaxX, Skry/Matthew on Aesop's Hayley, and last round ID. The cut was Shiiuga/Patrick on Estrike Hayley and Redino987/Teo on Nexus 419.

Tournament Matchups

Nexus 419 - I've noticed a lot of Nexus 419 decks do not run a real fracter, which means this particular ice suite is very well suited to deal with Aumakua. Try to get taxing facecheck ice on all centrals. Slot machine is perfect for this. Anansi is great on R&D. This helps stop Crowdfunding and farming Turning Wheel counters. Put an IP block on the remote, along with other ice/upgrades to to force the runner to encounter it multiple times. 419 can dodge the first IP Block with Nexus, but will struggle to gain enough turtle counters, so you will almost always have a scoring window after purging. Not the worst idea to hang onto a Border Control to stuff Diversion of Funds or Embezzle.

MaxX - Anarch finds your eight cost ice horrifically taxing, so you should be okay. Take steps to prevent your expensive ice from getting trashed. And if you're worried about Apoc, hang onto a Border Control.

Hayley - The game plan changes a bit if you're expecting Aesop's vs Estrike. For Aesop's, an early Nisei is ideal, and Aesop's Shaper will probably need some setup time. You can rush behind a single ice, if you need. Anansi is generally better on centrals vs. your remote, since your remote will get very tall with Border Control stacking, and that will make Na'Not'k too efficient.

For Estrike, it's probably safer to take more time to setup your ice/econ. Without Aesop's, Hayley will struggle to be rich enough to deal with your ice.

Card Choices

Code Replicator vs Mumbad City Grid - Code Replicator is the better early game card, and if you have < 3 ice on your remote. It's cheaper to use and requires less fiddly moving your ice around.

IP Block/Slot Machine vs EULA - IP Block is much nastier for criminal/Aumakua decks to deal with and taxes on facecheck. Slot Machine is incredibly taxing for it's rez cost. This might be a meta call though, depending on how much Crim you see locally.

Agenda Suite - Most of the other local Mti decks I see have been running 4/2s, with 1 5/3. I prefer the mostly 5/3 agenda suite, mainly because scoring 4 agendas in Mti is excruciating. I also generally prefer SSL to Corporate Sales team as an econ agenda, due to it paying out faster and paying out from the runner score area.

Sadaka - It lets me do a minor self index, protects R&D for a turn, as well as trash Turning Wheel/Aesop's/etc. Worth the slot. Besides, its 6 to break with Engolo.

No Cortex Lock - Cortex Lock is best early game and I don't think I have the slots to run enough of them to see them early. In addition, there's too much Hayley here. This is probably a local meta call.

18 Mar 2019 neuropantser

10/10 deckname, whoever came up with it must be a genius.

Congrats on the finish! This deck may not be degenerate, but it definitely is rude. Any changes you'd make with Downfall coming in?

18 Mar 2019 Kysra

Credit to @neuropantser for the deckname. :3

24 Mar 2019 Murse

How good is the Sand Storm?

26 Mar 2019 Kysra

It is quite good! It basically forces an ETR by putting the Runner on another server. Acts as a fourth Border Control.