Bubble girl goes to the top (2nd at APAC)

Longi 1891


Longi´s Leela deck is actually the most brilliant criminal I have seen in last months.

-Whiteblade111 on the stream after the finale

Longi´s deck is just straight genious.

-Whiteblade111 on the stream after the finale

Amazing work from @Longi showing that a bubble boy can go straight to the top.

-Labbes at #germany slack

All the quotes above are overstatements, but I am grateful for them anyway.

-Longi, at home

For APAC tournament I originally wanted to bring 419. I believed it to be the best runner but it just did not work for me (for which I blame only my playstyle and lack of skill). 419 also seemed a bit slow against Titan and all the rush strategies that were around. So I decided to slot all the blue cards that I loved into Leela deck. I love her unique ID effect anyway since it makes the games tense and interesting. I took her for a spin at our Wednesday´s GNK before the big tournament and it did not win a single match (our Czech meta is way more glaciery which is problem for Leela). But I felt the potential during those games so I decided to believe in her and stick with her. And she rewarded me with 2nd place!

As for the build and strategy you do not want to run overly aggressively at the beginning since you need to leave some ices unrezzed for later bounces. You need to figure out which ones, given the tools in your hand. You basically need to play chess with corp. You do not mind the corp getting reasonably rich, you have Hernando, PAD taps and Tapwrms to benefit from it. You can safely build your own rig in the meantime. You only do not want the corp to rush and score agendas and you have your ability for it. Also do not be afraid tutor or even instal Engolo for the opponent to see it and discourage him furthermore. Also the three Boomerangs (thank you again, @cablecarbage) and DoFs help you to stall the game. Eventually, the agendas would pile in HQ and the corp would need to start scoring. And that the bounce game starts. The Maker´s Eye, Legwork, Sneakdoor Beta and TTWs help with that a lot. And btw. you got most effective breakers in game. That is all, easy as that.

The deck performed quite good, in the swiss I ended up 9th. Luckily for me, @nbkelly who ended up 2nd could not attend top8 next day so I advanced instead of him. Thanks man! In the cut my luck somehow let me through until I lost in the finals to surgically precise play of @Whiteblade111.

Unfortunately, my schedule for next weekends does not allow me to compete in the inter-continentals top 24 so I was happy to return the favour to @nbkelly by suggesting he gets his well deserved right and attends the tournament instead of me. It feels right.

Finally, I would like to congratulate to @Whiteblade111 on deserved victory, to thank all my opponents for good games and mostly give BIG THANKS to TOs and Nisei in general for making this happen.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to @Krasty, the biggest NR enthusiast in Czech Republic, who got up every day at 4 am to watch and support us!

20 Jul 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Congrats on the 2nd place Longi - your game vs Miek’s outfit deck in the cut was on of the highlights of the stream IMO - amazing game to watch!

20 Jul 2020 Longi

Thanks a lot, I would have to watch it myself. It was one of the matches where luck really favoured me :)

20 Jul 2020 nbkelly

Congrats on second place longi!

21 Jul 2020 Longi

@nbkelly Thanks! And congrats for the second place in the swiss. Loved the originality of your decks. Wish you all the best in intercontinentals!

22 Jul 2020 Anzekay

I took some of the great ideas in this list and adapted them into my current Leela build, and I've very much liked them so far! Again, major props on the fantastic showing at APAC.

23 Jul 2020 ClosDeLaRoche

Would you cut a card or keep it at 46?

23 Jul 2020 Longi

@Anzekay Thank you. I am glad my build helped to inspire. Keep running and stay in blue :)

23 Jul 2020 Longi

@ClosDeLaRoche Most of the deck is build to fight fast strategies that seem to be dominant. Kati and Hernando are there to help with glaciers which are more prevalent in our local meta. So to fit a 45 card deck I would cut Kati. You may also cut Hernando to add another hate card more suitable to current meta, such as Citadele Sanctuary or Miss Bones.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

The man, the legend :-) <3 Putting Czech Republic on the map of APAC like a BAWS.

Miss you! Hope to have a chance to meet in person soon.

28 Jul 2020 Longi

@vesperThanks a lot, mate! We all here miss traveling to tournaments and meeting you guys in person. At least, we have a chance to hear you on your streams! Job well done, mate!