Drop It, Pop It, Can't Stop It (1st Place AZ Regional)

ChairmanHiro 459

This is the geist deck I took to the Arizona Regionals last weekend. Was first in swiss and went undefeated 6-0 for the win. @pj20 and I go way back when it comes to playing Geist, and this is largely his Geist list from nationals with some small tweaks made. #GhostyBois


ONLY 1 LEVY??!! ARE YOU MAD?? - Yes, only 1 levy. A good half the games I play as Geist, I never even need to levy at all, and I have literally NEVER felt the need to levy more than once. Most people use 2x Levy as insurance in case one gets sniped or put on peddler, but that's why I have 2x Same Old Thing instead of the usual 1. The only time levy should be sitting in the bin is if it got put on peddler, and when you're holding it in hand, the extra SoT goes a long way in allowing you more recursion for important events like Falsified, Legwork, Lam and sometimes even embezzle is worth spamming. The only matchup where having 2x levy would be relevant is against PU (ironically my corp at the tournament), but outside that having an extra SoT instead allows you the same backup with more flexibility on using your events. Plus, most importantly, running 1x levy makes room for the 1x Wasteland, which is essentially your 4th copy of tech trader. Drawing a tech trader 1/3 more often makes a big difference in your early-mid game consistency, which you desperately need to stop clicking for credits when you should be drawing. You really want at least 2x Traders for your econ to really be "solved".

Embezzle - This is basically only good in Geist, but it's definitely nice to have. Making money while killing FA tools and HHN, etc, feels SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD. Also while you don't have Employee Strike vs Mti, calling Ice with this usually works, which is hilarious.

ALL SIX SPY CAMS - Don't be a scrub. Play all 6 cameras. :P

Falsified Credentials - These are absolutely crucial, and by far the most common SoT target besides levy. Being able to do falsified 8x in a game means you rarely whiff runs on agendaless servers, which means you don't have to scramble for more pirate pieces and give your opponent a scoring window after getting baited into an NGO front. I wouldn't be opposed to running 3x of them.

ONLY 14 INFLUENCE?? NO DJ FENRIS?! ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE NOT INSANE??!! - First of all my talking houseplant Carl assures me I'm not insane. Secondly, the Polop could easily be traded for a DJ Fenris for obvious reasons, and I won't blame you for a second if you do that, but I included the polop instead because while DJ is really fun and definitely good, polop is a tech card that answers some of your biggest counters, namely Ash/Memorial Field, Navi Grid and FA crap like Recontract and Jeeves. This was only relevant once during the tournament, but it allowed me to steal a 3 pointer, so I think it did its job.

Anyway, the Regional was super fun and I'm super happy that I won. Props to pj20 for doing so well at nats with geist and convincing me to follow suit. Haunting corps is just so much fun. #GeistBros4eva

See Corp Deck Here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/51650/netdeck-i-ll-net-your-deck-1st-place-az-regional-

24 Jul 2018 scottopia

I played another player's similar version of this as one of my first competitive games at a local playgroup. Such a blast to play.

24 Jul 2018 pj20

That's what I'm talking about! Amazing performance and write-up. Your logic on the choices makes sense and fits your playstyle a little better than mine. I'm just pumped that our boy Armand is showing people that he is tier-1! Way to represent homie

3 Aug 2018 CactusJack


29 Aug 2018 Vortilion

What would you put in instead of the Mad Dash for the new MWL? Another Embezzle? Or a Diversion of Funds maybe?