When Bioroids Attack (Oslo Store Championship)

Kamalisk 437

9 Mar 2014 xethebuilder

Really interesting deck. Could you talk a little about your choices? Especially rework (an unusual card to see) and tsurugi (fairly uncommon in HB).

10 Mar 2014 Kamalisk

The main aim was to run 7 agendas, and have plenty of cards which appear to be 3 pointers.

Cerebral overwriter to do some brain damage to increase the chances of a punitive/snare kill.

Thomas Haas because I needed to waste the runners credits, but keep my credits relatively high to be able to punitive (and also a nice anti-account siphon bank). Both could easily be a 3 pointer.

Once they know I have these cards, sometimes you can get away with putting down a 3 pointer when you know they can get in. Also if you have enough credits, even if they do steal it, you can get a double punitive off.

I run archived memories and punitive, this means that most of the time I can double tap punitive if I have 6 credits. Archived memories.

As for rework, I considered this or jackson howard, and while jackson howard is probably a better idea, I found that I often simply wanted to shuffle one of my 7 agendas (or a snare) back into R&D. I will probably just try it with Jackson Howard, but the newer version of this deck runs GRNDL refinery, which uses up all it's influence (and also appears to be a 3 point agenda)

Tsurigi, because it costs 4 to break for all but Faerie, and that is a one time thing. If it costs at least 4 credits for them to get into r&d or HQ, then I come out on top after 2 turns. It sucks against parasite but otherwise I like it, I used to run Neural Katana, but that just costs 1 for mimic to break. Random net damage is nice when you are trying to punitive also.

I chose stronger together, because it makes a lot of my ice expensive to break, even when just stacked 2 high in a server. Viktor 1 & 2, Eli, and Ichi 2.0 are the stars of the deck, and relatively cheap. Fenris is for risking early Agenda rushes, and to do some early brain damage.

Project Wotan is amazing if you score one, since as long as the counters are unused, the runner cannot rely on clicks to break into a server. PR is obviously for the bigger ice I have, and Sentinel is my final agenda choice because if I do score it, lots of my ice becomes a lot scarier :P

10 Mar 2014 scumblr

Rework as a defence against indexing, since he's not running any Jacksons?

21 May 2014 jawohl

I find this one very interesting, did you make any changes since march? i have redesigned a little bit ice picks and added jacksons. I kept though Thomas Haas over GRNDL Refinery.

22 May 2014 Kamalisk

I have not used it in a while, but fairly sure it had GRNDL refinery instead of Cerebral Overwriter. Dropped to one snare I think