Bombs and Guns Nuvem (3rd @AMT - April 21st)

AlPi 664

Undefeated in the tournament. Let's talk some new cards!

Nuvem SA: Law of the Land

It's an interesting id. If you go the glacier route I rather play Build to Last and if you go the asset route I rather play Ob. There are 2 kinds of decks where I want to play Nuvem:

  1. A Punitive deck
  2. A tag + End of the Line deck

I picked the second option. This is a deck where we challenge the runner to keep up with the asset pressure while also keeping above 8 credits because of the Public Trail threat.

Here is the replay of round 1 against Hams, it showcases perfectly what the deck tries to do.

You don't always win by flatlining the opponent, here is round 4 of the tournament, where I was able to score out against the winner of the tournament mulch hosh.

Play Predictive Planogram in Nuvem! And if you trigger the id always say yes, don't be scared to trash an agenda without having Spin/Descend to save it :)

Eminent Domain

It is an awesome card. I saw some players using it to get a rezzed Archer without having to pay an agenda. Very nice, but in a meta with so many audrey around I rather have a Hammer. Tributary or Hostile Architecture are also great targets to get with this agenda. You sometimes even use the expend ability to get these on the board.

Hearts and Minds

This asset combines great with Wall to Wall! You can put a counter with WtW on an ice and use HaM to move this advancement + 1 extra on to a preinstalled agenda, NGO Front or Clearinghouse. It only has a trash cost of 2 so you prob don't rez unless you can get some serious value out of it. Never put this behind ice!

The Basalt Spire

Do I need to defend this agenda? Just play it! Weyland is spoiled with good agenda's!

A huge thx to Baa Ram Wu for sugesting Public Trail, it made the deck ten times better!

Here is my runner side of the tournament: Rise and shine. Time to Deep Dive! (3rd @AMT - April 21st)

8 May 2024 JeanParcks

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