ValDavecia - Apoc Val (1st Cheltenham SC)

Cerberus 4880

What the hell is this deck name about you may be thinking? Good question, I'm taking inspiration from my good friend Seamus (badly dressed fella who lives in a bin) and his desire to always have his name in the deck title.

This deck is very much a meta call deck, it has terrible match ups and crazy strong match ups so you have to predict the meta well. It is extremely strong against glacier and asset spam but terrible against kill decks. My prediction was that most of the CI I would see would be Moons or Wilfy and CTM and other random corps I'd likely have a good match against.

I'll be honest, the main reason that I played this deck rather than a reg Anarch or Lock Shaper is because it is hella fun. This is the first time I've played since Worlds and I considered taking this deck to the Worlds main event. Instead I took boring Shaper, it was strong but not as fun!

The aim of the deck is pretty simple, you destroy their board and then win. DDoS is really powerful and enables you to get in to double iced remotes with the aid of En Passant as long as it is already installed. Stim Dealer is a card everyone is confused by, but MCAAP is a powerful and popular card that needs an answer when you need all four clicks to land Apocalypse. It also works well with Wanton Destruction and enables SOT Apocalypse. Rebirth into Omar!

It's a simple but beautiful deck, try it!

23 Feb 2018 Seamus

Undoubtedly the finest Val deck to date, built by the finest Dave to ever hold a grip.

Shame you embarrassed yourself by using “hella” in the deck description.


24 Feb 2018 Two_EG

Good to see a well-made Apocalypse deck!

Bomb all the towers!

24 Feb 2018 Cerberus

Thanks @Seamusfor accepting my superior Val deck. Good to see you being humble for once. The unnecessary slight at the end of your comment was hurtful!

@Two_EG bomb all the towers is not something we should go round shouting! ;-)

24 Feb 2018 Cerberus

@Seamus glad you are accepting of my superior Val list. Good to see you be humble for once. The slight at the end of your comment was both unnecessary and hurtful!

25 Feb 2018 percomis

En Passant in Val? How beautifully retro :D Congrats for winning it Dave!

5 Mar 2018 CopperBoi

Why not Amped Up instead of Stimdealer?

8 Mar 2018 hlynurd

I would prefer Amped Up over Stimdealer in the deck because you might want to use an extra click for Wanton Destruction or to SoT an Apocalypse. If you Amp up before Wanton, then you risk trashing Wanton. And you could also skip taking brain damage from Stim Dealer by flipping her over with Apocalypse.

11 Mar 2018 hlynurd

I mean that I would prefer Stim Dealer over Amped Up