What's a Plan-helion? (2nd @ CBI 2023)

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Part of me feels bad that neither of my decks for the CBI had a single Parhelion card in it, even though I like that set a lot. I believe this is pretty much the same list that cable"the captain"carnage brought to the January fite nite, except I managed to squeeze in two Planograms by cutting an Attitude Adjustment and the third Funhouse. No regrets on that choice, since Planogram can be so versatile in this deck.

I'd have to double check (I'm not going to double check) but I believe I only dropped two games with this over the two days of the tournament, one of which was in the grand final vs. @mjp.

If you want to know more about the nuances of this list, you should probably just read one of the write-ups from UK Nats.

Congrats to @mjp on a fine performance and the big win. Thanks to NSG, the judges @Ysengrin and @OrbitalTangent, and all the commentator and viewers and fans of the game. And as always, big hugs to the Snare Bears for being the best testing group on the planet.

16 Jan 2023 Two_EG

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