ASIODROMEDA 2nd @ Perth Regionals

Anzekay 370

This is the current edition of my goodstuff Andy, with added spy power to tackle the moonspam matchup.

Beat ETF, BABW, Jinteki PE and lost one game to Skorpy with Red Planet Couriers (!!!)

Hostage package because I just can't get enough of playing 1-of connections. Film Critic is huge because I was expecting a lot of jinteki on the day, and with Blood and Water legal I was worried about Obokata Protocol rustling my jimmies. Plascrete because sometimes you need to roll the hard 6 and just draw it vs SYNC or the like.

I'd been waffling between 2x RDI or Medium, and ended up going with what is probably the better choice right now because of the Aeneas Informants.

The other main choice was between the Aeneases or sec testings. I ended up going with the informants because most of the decks that they suck against are also pretty shitty for sec testing as well, and I find them far more powerful against moonspam (plus the medium synergy)

Overall, the deck performed absolutely to specification and only pilot error lost me the game vs Skorp (that and not drawing my damn paperclip for two turns too long). No regrets taking it at all.