Booze Sun (3rd @ Manchester)

mcg 943

In this "what's even the point of playing corp?" meta, I had settled on the fun, quirky and occasionally good Jinja Punitive BABW list. But after it went 1-3 at Liverpool on Saturday, I went to the pub to lament how bad it was. Several beers later, I was talking to Seamus about his Blue Sun list (which he in turn had got from Rotage) and I decided that was the best option, without going fully to the dark side with Gagarin. But to make the list my own, I had to make some foolish changes. So late at night, after several more beers, while fighting off the need to go to bed, this is what I put together.

Surprisingly it went 4-1 on the day. Two punitive kills, one score out and one timed win after a grindy Gagarin game as runner. It's one loss was an absolute demolition job by Leela with Emergency Shutdowns.

MVP was arguably Sapper. It caught out two opponents who had forgotten sentries were a thing. Scarcity did some work slowing down my opponents, and clearing Corporate Grant, so I was pleased with that. Daily Quest got me some credits ahead of a Punitive kill so was fine I guess. But changing Hortums to Mausoluseseses was a mistake, as you want the ETR should the runner lose their decoder.

If this meta was continuing I'd probably stay with it, but as it is I'm looking forward to trying something else.

Thanks to the organisers and all my opponents for a fun weekend of Netrunner. Long may it continue.