Nuclear Ice Cream! Store Champ winner, Montreal.

licoricemaniac 495

O&C has shaken the meta pretty hard for the corps. Now anarchs are a force to reckon with... so many viable runner deck types, what should a corp do?

Easy! Nuclear ice cream, powered by the future!

This is a no-meat damage, no power shutdown, no badpub no nonsense Blue Sun. Just straight up glacier, full of taxing ice cream, that will leave only one taste to the runner: hopelessness.

Hard to believe, I know. But this actually works. You get so rich, the runner so poor, they'll just end-up clickning for credits, waiting for you to draw that winning agenda and end their misery.

Criminals suffer the most. No open remote for Bank Job. Crisium kills the Siphon. That MaxX will run out of steam, hard to keyhole when RnD costs 8 to break with eater.

Boot Camp is there to summon Adonis or Jackson as needed, if you get a chance overadvance an Atlas for similar power.

Permanent Adonis is MVP! Just dont forget to bounce it back once it has 3 credits left, then rinse and repeat! I often end my games around 50 cred.

O&C has brought us Ice Cream from Space. Actually, if oversight AI is not available, it is worth advancing the Orion and permanently leave it installed. I like it on RnD. That ice is nuts in Blue Sun. The Nebula is perhaps questionable, but it gives you options: advance it for a cheap to rez, no bad-pub Grim, or just punish early facecheck/bait Fairy/D4v1d, then bounce.

Ash on remote. Good idea to have a 2nd Ash installed for those cases when the runner can afford your remote wtice, Stimhack is a thing.

vs. Shaper, Crisium grid goes to RnD.... Maker's Eye this!

Winter is the best season to eat Ice Cream.

9 Feb 2015 BTrain

Good looking stuff! Just wondering, did you ever find the 3x Ash to be too much? It seems like that could let you put another Tollbooth in over a Datapike, which I've found melts to the Yogs that have started to creep their way back in.

9 Feb 2015 licoricemaniac

@BTrain Maybe it's doable. I like 3 Ash (even if it is a bit overkill) because I really need it to score, and 3 copies mean it will show-up early. Not many Yogs in my meta, but Lotus Field ends that discussion. You can also try a wormhole if you feel like you need a big code gate.

9 Feb 2015 BTrain

Oh I pack a Wormhole :) It's one of my favorite new code gates hands down, because I run a lot of program trashing in the form of Ichi, Orion, and Archer. If you can make room for it, Paywall Implementation is a fantastic card in that a) it counters Itinerant Protesters out of Val and b) straight up makes you money. Of course, you took a store champ with this deck, so I'm sure it's fine as is - congrats on your win!

21 Apr 2015 bblum

hi, do you remember how many players were at this SC?

22 Apr 2015 licoricemaniac

@bblum I'd say 15 or so. Brought it to another store champ (12-15 player range), undefeated again. Traded Private Contracts for a 2nd bootcamp, get that Adonis ASAP.

22 Apr 2015 bblum

Nice job! Agreed on the second bootcamp. I'm writing an article for stimhack about this kind of blue sun deck; do you mind if I link to this among a list of SC winners?

22 Apr 2015 licoricemaniac

Sure! The archetype is finally reaching the popularity it deserves.