Syphon Noise (1st in GLC Retrunner2 - Core + Genesis)

RepoRogue 133

I chose to play Noise in this tournament because I didn't play him much while he was legal and wanted to abuse his mill against Corps with no Jackson Howard. It turned out reasonably well, and the deck went 3-1 over the course of the tournament.

Card Choices:

Account Siphon: This card is incredibly strong, especially so when Corps are relatively poor. Anarch also has Deja Vu to recur it, meaning you can effectively play it more than Criminals.

Aesop's Pawnshop: I wanted to see if I could recreate Noiseshop (I couldn't, the cards aren't there), but ultimately just wanted a way to benefit from empty and low impact viruses. It worked out well, even without much else in the way of support.

Wyldside: I played this for the first week or so of the tournament, but it just felt awful vs. a field of EtF where having clicks to break Bioroids can be important. It might be worth playing just because of how dire Anarch draw is without it, but it's such an awful card.

Play of the tournament:

Installing Plascrete against Weyland and then pawning it after I saw two Scorched Earth in Archives #value

Big thanks to GLC for hosting this tournament! Wee Bull and Dirjel organized it (and so many other events). If you want to play around with some old cards in a low power level format, this event is really fun.