Stargate Apoc Val - Sheffield Regional

SubTric 432

This deck was super reliable in testing, but struggled on the day, getting locked out in game one, having been through 38 cards and not seen one of the three paperclips and dying in game three to a tag storm HPT.

The notable win was against a gruelling IG deck, where a Hacktivist that was played on turn 1 of the game stayed until it ended, doing significant damage to the horizontal deck. A last ditch run on archives containing three Breached Domes to reveal five (!!!) 5/3 agendas, three of which were The Future Perfect... and the corp only had 3 creds remains for the psi games. It was at this point that I decided to drop in that I was a hypnotherapist and was sure to win the mind games that would follow :)

Great game against a great opponent.

5 Aug 2019 Shimslim

cool deck