surfer Wu

Daine 3735

This is basically the latest iteration of Congress. Get rezeki pumping as soon as possible. Use Surfer + Laamb to get in wherever you want for 7 + 2x credits once you’re set up. Surfer is absurd and I hate it. Mull for Stimhack in this deck. Install your multiaccess before braining yourself repeatedly to speed up your setup.

4 Apr 2019 rattkin
  • What's Scavenge here for?
  • Why Cyberdelia AND Leprechaun? For MU redundancy? Hardware is expensive to install and it doesn't look like the required money is there.
5 Apr 2019 Restartt

I've been running a very similar version of this deck.

If you dont find a stimhack, a scavenge still gets out a rezeki for one credit and two click (wu it, scavenge it). It also means even if you use all 3 SMCs, you can still search out programs with wu and save them with scavenge. It also means if you have to run twice and dont have two lambs out, you can scavenge the laamb to reset its once per turn limitation. Theres a lot of little utility.

The deck uses a minimum of 6 mu for 3 rezeki, laamb, and surfer, and thats just the core. You also want to install your multithreads, so 8mu is good against all decks. If they're forcing you to run twice or trashing ice mid run or installing ice mid run, a second laam is 2 extra mu for 10 mu. Or if they're a tag deck you want misdirection(9 mu). or maybe you need other icebreakers.

The other issue is it needs its MU really, really early, so you need to have a lot of pieces to make finding one early easier. to install just 3 rezeki and your one main breaker is 5 mu, and you always install 3 rezeki first, so you need at least one MU expander before you break your first ice. having 6 in the deck helps with that.

5 Apr 2019 Daine

@rattkin Restarrt nailed it. The reason I played so many Leprechauns was because I often wanted them early and I found my pacing better when I could Wu tutor for my MU than relying on drawing hardware from the deck. The cyberdelias are more of a money card than an MU card.

Money isn’t an issue in this deck if you play it correctly. Get your Rezekis online early. Install a multithreader early and use it to pay for your SMC uses. With one stimhack helping with setup you can get the deck moving in the first few turns.

6 Apr 2019 rattkin

Thanks for your answers. I suppose you're waiting for at least one CC, to Wu SMC -> Stimhack -> install one thing -> CC SMC -> install another thing?

Stimhack and Rezeki can sure help with early installs, but you also need substantial money for Cyberdelias and R&D Interfaces, so I guess you're also looking for early Kati?