Broad Day-what? (7-2 at Worlds)

Quercia 277

For a more entertaining meme-based write-up, check out the older version of this deck here.

I always liked The Outfit purely for thematic reasons and being the first non-basic ID I owned I’ve been playing it for the last 9 months (almost my entire net runner career).

I took pieces from @5N00P1’s Reverse Outfit and @Boreira’s Rude Deck and meshed all together combined with my pet card Broad Daylight. This undervalued agenda is a nightmare when scored, being the game equivalent of dropping a knife on the table and asking, “so, what was that you had to say?”. Two of them and you drop a shotgun instead, making you able to score whatever the hell you want. Also makes Punitive and CWP a lot better.

Combined with the card removal package Snare!, City Works Project and Data Loop the deck offers solutions to remote locks so common nowadays.

DRM is an amazing card that feels like having extra atlas counters. Usually I fetch CWP but it can also be Hostile Takeover when you need some credit boost. I used to play RecoCo but it made the deck slower and DRM is much better.

In swiss this deck did great beating 3 Apoc Vals, 1 Reg Val, 1 Smoke, 1 Wu and 1 Hayley. Losses were to Apoc Val (3 top decks in 4 runs, no apocs landed :/ ), and 1 Smoke. One of the losses happened on the first 2-4-1 of day 2, eliminating me from the tournament.

The MVP’s were definitely Snare! And B-Daylight, which I scored in 6 games, always making my opponents take the card for a look. “Broad Day-what?”, one of them said. Snares gave me legs against one Smoke on Film Critic, putting the runner in a Kobayashi Maru situation, either drawing to survive (Bdaylight scored) or removing the tag. Floating the tag meant I could neutralize all threats and advance my way to win. In one game I escaped the lock by sneaking a Snare behind a Data Loop and getting the sweet kill.

I know 11 is way too many agendas for most decks but here you have to constantly find them and get to 4-5 points as fast as possible. Sometimes the deck will betray you but that’s life. Another fatal blow is Film Critic but honestly, any Self-Protecting agenda is countered by it, so just live with that. Apocalypse is hard due to the light ICE suite but not unbeatable as one can see by the results. The good match-ups are most Crims, Aesop’s Hayley and Reg Anarchs. Padlock Freedom is a bit tricky but not a great concern.

Thanks NISEI for the amazing tournament, everyone from the Berlin Meta for bringing me up to speed (turns out losing to great players for 8 months builds skills and character) and all the people I’ve met/played against this past weekend.

P.S.: Minutes before the registration I added the second Audacity instead of an NGO or IPO. In one of the games I had the winning Atlas in hand and a counter on another. Val installs Stargate and trashes Audacity. I've never been so happy about a last minute change.

9 Oct 2019 5N00P1

Congrats for the good showing, actually you perform best from the Berlin Meta!
And happy you liked the 2nd Audacity it's unexpected!

10 Oct 2019 Quercia

@5N00P1 Thank you and the Audacity suggestion saved the day! :D