Dashing Bridgeman - 3rd Can East Nats

is44ru 271

No time for deckbuilding nor testing

I just stole bridgeman's list from EMEA because I liked the simplicity of it.


I added Mad Dash because I don't know how to win without it in my deck. It actually never made me win a single game, but it helped my confidence against Choux!

The Plan

With my lack of testing and practice, my objective was to be top half and get close to the top cut.

As day1 ended, I noticed that The King and Izzy were contenders for the cut, they both play Aginfusion. It's a deck I never practised against. My training of avoiding bad matchups paid off during swiss, but I needed to know a lot more about this deck, so I searched and watched replays until late to try to be ready for it.

In the end, I didn't faced either of them.

What happened?


I won every game except once in the cut by Chromatically!


I would like to thank my opponents: Tondo, Chouxflower, Alex, Marc-André, sadstug and Chromatically.

Thanks to Andrej, Mattie, Patrick and Jon for making sure this weekend was great for everyone!

Always Be Running!

30 Aug 2023 Porkobolo


30 Aug 2023 Bridgeman

Have you considered cutting the mad dash?

Cool to see the deck getting picked up :D