"Your CTMs are F*cking Disgusting" - Crown of Servers 2022

Ghost Meat 937

This is the CTM I made for Crown of Servers at Worlds 2022, which did good work for me on the day, but I didn't feel was fast or strong enough for the main event (a lot of games online before Worlds were going 40+ minutes). I think CTM has been radically diminished since Mumbad's rotation, losing Bankers, Virtual Tour, and Exchange of Information, but the ID still has moves, and Drago doesn't hurt.

@DeeR came up to me on Saturday and excitedly said, "You're Ghost Meat?! Your CTMs are f!cking disgusting. I'm not going to do this, but can I tell my friends back home that I slapped you in the face?" and that was the greatest moment of my Netrunner career. So thanks to DeeR for making my day. XD

The main thing this deck aims to do is fork the runner with fast advance and Drago, and if you can lock up the Drago server well enough and triple advance it, advance into Boom! on the following turn is a lovely closer. Runners are filthy rich in this meta, so CTM has a harder time landing HHN these days, but scoring an early ARES or two usually seals the mid/late game into a miserable time for the runner.

Was delighted to see a CTM make Top 16; I didn't know if it'd be possible in this Runner/Endurance dominated meta.

Thanks to my teammates @hams and @chouxflower for a great time at COS, placing us 17th out of 41 teams. The other teams we played were all fantastic, and COS is always the most fun day at Worlds. Thanks NSG for such a great event!

Netrunner in the Wyld Worlds posts here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cjc4qMTuC7J/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/CjiFEDJrtfM/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/p/Cjl7SC_JV6z/?hl=en

12 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

Lady Liberty is a pretty spicy include I love this!

12 Oct 2022 Ghost Meat

@icecoldjazz Thanks! I've been slotting her in all my CTMs for years, as she can be wonderfully powerful to score an ARES, and if you're flooded or have 2-3 DBS on the board, you can lucksack into chaining agendas really nicely if the runner isn't in a position to trash. :)

2 Apr 2024 lunadam

@slither io thanks

16 Jun 2024 dawoudcavani

@y2mate Very thanks