Newbie Casual Sable

nitaku 1

First deck ever constructed, definitely not competitive!

29 Apr 2024 sealgo

Hey, looks like a nice reg crim type of deck. A few thoughts that come to my mind here:

  • The lack of Bravado is certainly criminal (pun intended). Maybe check that card out, it's bonkers (and there's a good reason it's 3 influence

  • Do you really need 2x all breakers? You have 3x Mutual favor, so could maybe -1 all breakers, instead add another Cezve, a Dr. Nuka and found the first slot for Bravado. More Cezve will also go nicely with Bahia Bands, since you can spend the credits for the installs

  • With your breaker suite, i'd personally prefer to have some slightly more consistent multi access, like a Twinning. It'll get charged nicely by the Cezves and Debbie. Ofc, for Influence you'd have to remove some Makers eyes (but the 2 way Multi access also frees up more slots for Bravado, again)