It's in the name - 2-3 @NYC SoS November 2023

m31345 101


It's a regular one based on Aku's deck for APAC. It's my first time grinding Sports and I've had a lot of fun. Biggest changes are removing Oppo (it felt too random to get value once on greasing the palm). I've modified the fast ad package and went down to only one Audacity (I'm not happy when 2 of them end up in my hand) and added 2 Moon pool which I think is a nice combo with RLC (install it clicklessly) or could be Restored.

I brought it at Sovereign of Subways and I think it did not fare so well. 2 wins out of 5 if my memory is not failing. I did make a couple of big mistakes (like forgetting to pop a mavirus on a 3 virus Conduit run, forgetting to rez cards against Hermes), so it's not necessarily an issue with the deck.