The Mouse and the Oyster (29th @ Worlds)

allofthemarbles 153

This is the corp deck that took me to 29th at worlds this year, going 7-1 across both days (and 3-0 at the unlimited Swiss event!).

The deck is designed to use the threat of Mwanza City Grid, Snare!, and Punitive Counterstrike to force the runner into high-stakes shell games on the remotes, where their mistakes are far more severe than yours. Despite all the traps, this is not a deck that patiently builds up a board state and waits for the runner to slip up. You need to play fast and aggressive with a real intention of scoring out in order to pressure the runner to make important decisions before they're ready.

The thrill of playing the deck is its wide variety of win conditions. It's on you to get a read on your opponent's playstyle, then measure that against the tools in your opening hand and your choice of ID (usually the Brewery) to decide which win conditions are most likely. In a sense, the most important decisions are made before the first turn, but you'll also need to closely monitor your kill/score opportunities as they appear and disappear over the course of the game.

I wanted to give a quick overview of which win conditions I managed over the weekend. I'll probably have to sacrifice detail for the sake of readability, but I’m hoping it’ll be helpful to get a sense for some of the deck's outs. Also, I'm so sorry if I forgot any of my opponent's names or misremembered any details. Everyone I played on the day was super friendly, and they were what made the weekend an absolute blast!

Round 1 vs David Curry (Hayley) - W

Snuck out a Mushin-advanced Bacterial with "Clones" on the first turn, then set up a Sophie's choice with an Obokata that would put me at 7 or secure a Brewery flatline.

Round 2 vs spags (419 Apocalyse) - W

After an Obokata steal, I had exactly enough credits to Punitive-Archive-Punitive. Fortunately for me, the surprise factor helped, as a popped Bankroll before the first Punitive would have put him out of range of the kill.

Round 3 vs (Adam) - W

Despite Brain Cage restoring his handsize to 5, I landed a naked double-advanced Overwriter followed by another in a more convincing server to enable the Brewery kill before any agendas were stolen for Brain Chip.

Round 4 vs Alec Anderson (Au Revoir Kabonesa) - W

Mushined out a Bacterial on turn 1, then Mushined out another many turns later, scoring the second alongside "Clones".

Round 5 vs Timmy Wong (Valencia) - W

Got away with a Mushin-ed Bacterial on turn 1, then slow-rolled an Obokata behind ice while he was struggling for money, scoring with a "Clones".

Round 6 vs Ronan McGarry (Liza) - L

Despite me drawing into a near optimal start for this tough matchup, Ronan expertly kept my credits down, dismantled the ambushes on my centrals, and came back in to pluck three 3-pointers from R&D and HQ. Really well played.

Round 7 vs Tolaasin (MaxX) - W

I Mushin-advanced a Bacterial on the first turn, which I left sitting there. Much later, I Mushin-advanced an Obokata the turn before a Levy. The following turn, I advanced and scored the Bacterial - drawing into "Clones" as the sixth card down - played "Clones", and advanced and scored the Obokata, going from 0 to 7 in one turn.

Round 1 (Day 2) vs Jens Erickson (MaxX) - W

After Jens successfully called my bluff to take an Obokata behind an Otoroshi, I was able to Mushin-advance a Cerebral Overwriter, which set up a Brewery kill.

The part of the deck that didn't work as expected was Jeeves; I didn't manage to draw into a single playable opening hand with Jeeves all weekend. As a result, I wasn't able to plan for any Jeeves-Brewery-Punitive kills or Jeeves-Greenhouse-advance scores on a never-advanced 5/3, which would have been cool. Back Channels (solely to fund Punitive off of a failed Overwriter) also never fired, and I wonder if it might have been better as a Reuse for the synergy with Bacterial Programming.

The nicest surprise of the tournament came during the last round of Swiss, when I found myself seated next to not one but two Biotech players at 8-4. One of them was Powar, whose nationals-winning Biotech provided the foundations for this deck, and the other was Joshua Quinlan, whose impressive performance took him far into the Top 16. To commemorate the occasion, the three of us took a group photo, each holding a different Biotech ID :D

10 Sep 2018 Agasha

As a fellow Jinteki player, I love this list! I play a shell game with traps in my PE build, but appreciate the added pressure here. Cheers and congrats on the finish.


14 Sep 2018 formerteen

i regrettably didn't get to see you pilot this throughout worlds but the deck looks spicy as hell. i especially love the jeeves/biotech interaction (and not to mention, not paying influence for jeeves). congrats on the strong performance!

18 Sep 2018 Powar

I love the idea behind Mwanza and punitive as well as the jeeve and biotech interaction. Awesome take on a great ID. It was a pleasure meeting my fellow Biotech aficionados at Magnum Opus!