It'll La Costa your life [SF SC 2nd Place]

pj20 1461

This is the deck I took to second place in the latest SF Online Store Championship.  I've been working on it literally since January, and it's been pretty amazing.  I'm not much of a jinteki player (sans Mti spam & IG), so it felt good to get a deck to work.

La Costa is the star of the deck obviously, basically putting the pressure on every single turn.  Obo's behind Anansi's and Kakugo's followed by Punitive is the main win con, but Viral gets an A-rating from me here too.

2 copies of Archived for the double Punitive or if you need to get back La Costa or a Bio Vault.  Digital Rights to get the Obos.  Engram Flush is the better Aki replacement & Slot Machine was a day-of add.  It's fine, you like advancements with 1x Trick of Light.

Why Biotech?  I think it could definitely be Palana and achieve similar results, but I like the sneakiness of bluffing either 2 net or 4 advancements.  I've played 80 games with this deck (over 90% win rate) and done the 4 advancements once.  But when they see Biotic, I'm pretty sure alarm bells go off signaling the latter.

That being said... my favorite play happened in the cut vs CTZ.... when they have 2 cards and think they're safe, you hit em with the ole Biotic, Neural EMP, Flippy FTW.

The last note, is that Viral Weaponization is a pretty good 4/2 when you're playing an Obokata kill deck. The tempo hit is amazing and usually people are trying to keep full hands vs you. Even better when you can never advance it with La Costa. My buddy & jinteki expert @phette23 thinks Nisei is just objectively better, but I think I found the right home for Viral & I have no ragrets.

Thanks to Izaac for making this happen, and congrats to @enkoder for beating me (yet again) in a Store Championship cut.

12 Apr 2020 TyrellCorp

I'd just like to comment here that I beat this deck in the SC after losing to it 75 times on jnet.

12 Apr 2020 pj20

@TyrellCorp yup, wp sir. Sunny (with FC) actually accounts for more than half of the losses for this deck. I considered an MCA Informant over the Slot Machine and a DRM but ultimately decided against it. Would have been nice for that matchup tho!

20 Apr 2020 enkoder

Grats on DotW 👏

You got me the first game and I think you got very unlucky in the cut.

26 Apr 2020 meta4

What do you do against film critic? Or Imp? Cry?