Good stuff Val try to go faster (Euro/Africans 4th in Swiss)

emmel 49

Big early game Valencia, just drop Wheel and start running. Find other useful components on the way.

27 Jul 2020 adquen

I was a bit shocked to see that from 117 participants, only one picked Val. But then, from standings alone, this still turned out to be the second best Anarch deck. I guess it's not only the deck, but also the player - so gratulations on your finish, and thanks for keeping Val alive. ^^

27 Jul 2020 cableCarnage

Congrats on your result. This is the only runner that beat my corp :)

27 Jul 2020 vesper

A valiant attempt with much value. Solids cards, solid plays, solid performance - see you at the Intercontinentals, I hope :-)

27 Jul 2020 emmel

@adquen It was a surprise for me as well. I had a bad feelings when saw this out of meta choise, but no, Val is still strong B)

@cableCarnage Thanks and congrats on even better result! Your CTM was the only that I met, btw :)

@vesper Not this Intercontinentals, unfortunatly :) I had not such good performance in the Top Cut

28 Jul 2020 vesper

@emmel There's always the next one, then. As much as it pains me to not see you play, maybe you'll have the time to watch the live stream and join us all in the chat :-)

30 Jul 2020 Mortivor

We all know that this is actually Omar deck)