NISEI Regional Viena AT 31_8_2019 [3win 1lost]

Cucin 190

Published for purpose of ABR. This is deck copied from Odol´s Nobody lent me Excaliburs I just only put 2 Excaliburs instead of 2 Chrysalis and 1 Anansi instead of third Chrysalis. I finished 3 wins against 1 lost (in that game I was agenda flooded - which is pretty rare with this deck - and had to trash from hand one of three agendas against Alice). One of the win was against later winner DonLoverGate, so I was satisfied with this deck again. Unfortunatelly I didn´t pilot good enough my runner deck.

5 Sep 2019 DonLoverGate

I thought you played it well! I think it's an interesting build, will certainly play around with it myself a bit.

Hope to see you again soon! :)

5 Sep 2019 Cucin

Hi DonLoverGate, thanks for such words:-) And congratulation to your victory. I have to gone so I haven´t seen your final matches, but I am glad you have won.

It was pleasure play against you.