Swift Lat got some upgrades (2nd @ Fly to EMEA)

AlPi 467

The Swift Lat deck I took to worlds got some upgrades with Burner added to the mix! Burner is kind of shaper Legwork, with Legwork gone there is 2 influence free to do something else with. Asset matchups in the past gave me trouble, so I added a Miss Bones to the deck.

So the changes are: -1 Deep Dive -1 Legwork -1 Telework Contract +2 Burner +1 Miss Bones.

Thx to Tuno and co for organizing this event, it was great. And in the spirit of Tuno who shares replays, here are some interesting matches from the tournament:

Round 2 (against R+ Holoman) Round 3 (against Stegadon Asa) Round 5 (against rush Ob) Top cut game 1 (1st time against NEH, my only loss) Finals game 1 (the NEH rematch in finals, I got revenge)

31 Mar 2024 HaverOfFun

Suuuuuuper! Lat's always super cool!

9 Apr 2024 Cryoclasm

Can you give a tip which identities are most commonly used with DJ Fenris?

12 Apr 2024 AlPi

@Cryoclasm You can go DJ Loup against an asset deck. Against a rushy deck, for example PD, I often go DJ Sable. If you draw youre DJ a bit late or HQ is weak or youre not really sure you go DJ Steve. These are the only 3 worth it, I did DJ Quetzal 1 time because I got locked out by a rigshooter deck (this is very rare).