Hanabi v3 (or how to score 9 points in one turn) [9th @ Ulm

Mindmonkey 78

I've been working on this deck ever since Jumon came out. The basic idea is to either score Jumon early or wait until the runner steals it to then copy it with Media Blitz. After that just sit back and relax while advancement token rain onto your board. This deck wins by either:

  1. Let the runner kill himself by running against a loaded Junebug or enough Cerebrals.

  2. If the runner refuses to do that, kill him with Ronin and Neural EMP.

  3. Distract the runner with RnD while hiding agendas on the board and score them as soon as they have enough advancement token on them.

Surprisingly enough this deck won 4 out of 5 games:

1) Against Valencia: I think Val ran into a loaded Junebug.

2) Against Khumalo: He stole an early Jumon. I played Media Blitz and hid my agendas between a Junebug and a Ronin. While Khumalo was busy digging through RnD, Media Blitz did a great work advancing my agendas. After a few turns, I scored 2 Obokatas and an SSL.

3) Against just another Valencia: She managed to find enough points before I managed to land a kill.

4) Against Hayley: She died to double Ronin.

5) Against yet another Valencia: Luckily she lost her Apoc after finding a Breached Dome on Archives. She died to Ronin.

29 Jul 2019 moistloaf

did you ever consider Tennin? Since I imagine you’re mostly using Mushin in which case you cant double dip with Sara ability

30 Jul 2019 Mindmonkey

Hm, I see your point. But scoring Jumon early is still easier with Saraswati if you didn't draw into Mushin.

I will try it nonetheless, thanks for the tip!

31 Jul 2019 Nxxdles

cool deck. always a big fan of jinteki shell games. is slot machine a flex? how useful is it in this deck? also how tight is money? im considering -ssl, -slot machine, +vul audit, +another jinteki ice lockdown? komainu?

31 Jul 2019 Mindmonkey

The most recent changes to this deck are:

  • Out: 2xReversed Accounts, 1xSlot Machine, 2xAPI-S Keeper and 1xSSL
  • In: 3xNGO, 1xMedia Blitz, 1xDNA Tracker, 1xTFP

Lockdown is an interesting choice though!

11 Nov 2020 CyberClick

Looks great. I have been playing a self constructed Jumon deck myself and very much like your take on it. Thanks for sharing.