SOCR2 - A Slightly Worse Kit Than Everyone Else - 9th Place

PaxCecilia 292

This is a slightly less fun and incredibly less original Cache Refresh list that I played in the Cache Refresh tournament held by FightingWalloon on Stimhack Slack. This is the same Kit deck that most people were on, but I would imagine it's got a few poor card selections. It performed well enough though it was not as good as my corp deck. Notably I played against 4 Jinteki players and I absolutely hate Obokata Protocol. My earlier games had Feedback Filter and a Levy. To be perfectly honest I messed around with this decklist a lot more than my AoT decklist, and I'm not confident that this exact list was played in any of my games, but they all revolved around this shell.

Probably the biggest difference is that the original build had Daredevil, which was pretty good against Jinteki in terms of being able to afford stealing an Obokata protected by Ben, Prisec, Personal Evolution doing me a damage, and whatever number of Neural EMP's are in hand, but sucked ass at Equivocation + Maker's Eye poking (basically hemorrhaging hitpoints every time I have a non-impactful run). Additionally, having no HQ pressure sucks.

So Gauntlet got added and no Corp added ice to HQ for the rest of the tournament (good? bad? you decide)