No Schengen Mti (1st Laser Runner)

TugtetguT 2006

Elwin's (@Jakuza) Laser Runner event took place last weekend in Enschede. He organised the entire thing and designed and created Laser cut ID's for everyone attending. It was amazing.

The cardpool was the so called "Snapshot+" with the corresponding MWL, but Orgcrime cards were banned.

Mti Mwekundu and the Snapshot+ meta

Everyone knows this ID is ridiculous even more so with Border Control and Excalibur... and even more again with Embolus. Another thing about this meta is that Crowdfunding singlehandedly, out of any faction, absolutely ruins asset based Tempo/Spam decks. Seriously just put 3x in anything. I thought this would be a common take at the tournament, but to my surprise it wasn't.

Best defence against Crowdfunding I thought, would be to play the ID that you don't want to run against even once per turn and much less thrice. And then subsequently force the runner to do just that with Embolus or have them concede the scoring remote forever.

Embolus can be a weird upgrade, sometimes its definitely a credit dumb and you should not use it, but at other times it becomes a huge threat and the runner either can't afford to run to clear its counters. This particularly is the case when the game goes long. Even if central runs are cheap/free Embolus with Mti and Excalibur is a huge threat with only 1 counter. Which means just 1 counter and then going for the score is very viable, you don't need to amass 4 counters and go for a sure fire score. When things goes really well you just do that. Often you wont need many counters in combination with Nisei Mk II and Border Control for non-contestable scores. I would swap 1 Embolus for the 2nd Batty if I were to change something.

Agenda Suite

There are so many good agendas for various Jinteki builds that it's difficult to know where to start. In slower glacier versions of Mti I've been playing 3xGfI and 1xSSL as 3-pointers plus four 2-pointers thus forcing the runner to steal 4 agendas to win the game; unless they find the 1-off SSL of course. However Border Control costs a lot of influence and playing both this and GFI weakens your ICE composition substantially. I tried playing 9 agendas, but that made you draw into too many too early. Then I tried triple Obokata with a one-off SSL, but scoring a blank 5/3 felt bad. Furthermore it slows you down and also weakens centrals for a couple of turns, and you can't leave Obokata in hand as you could GFI, since getting it stolen is a third of the game gone. But with triple SSL and one Obokata everything just fell into place. SSL allows for scoring an early 5/3 and even if you go low on credits doing it you're vulnerable for at most a turn.

Also it allows you to rez more ice during the course of the game and if I were to choose between the runner taking an Obokata for 4 net damage or breaking Anansi with their face I'd go for the face break any day. Add to that that Anansi is something the runner will have to deal with for the rest of the game. The same reasoning applies for picking CST over Philotic Entanglement, the former I want to score early and often, the latter I only want to never advance when on 5 points.

The rest of the deck...

... is just all the good in-faction and neutral economy and of course three Scarcity. The deck went 7-0 and most games I felt well in control.