Weylandigi 5 - Flying V

Zerothmaxima 122

I'll probably just never stop playing this deck. It'll have totally rotated for over a year and i'll just keep bringing it to store champs and get DQd on the spot BECAUSE ITS THAT FUN TO PLAY!

Gameplan is to get an atlas counter by rushing or Reconstruction/Dedication then just win with biotic/RPC/Gov takeover. Easy!

Recently replaced Space Camp with NGO. Who will think of the children now??? :<

9 Mar 2018 yads

The key to this deck is to RPC out an atlas with like 10 tokens, then you just win the game I think.

9 Mar 2018 Zerothmaxima

Also a very winning strategy!

9 Mar 2018 Saan

I think if you replace the Space Camps with Priority Constructions, the deck gets a lot better.

9 Mar 2018 Zerothmaxima

Sounds like it'd make for a competitive deck!